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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Simple Coconut Ice Cream

This is a simple version of coconut ice cream for those times when you don't feel up to doing anything more elaborate. This recipe also doesn't require an ice cream maker.


1 14 oz can of pure coconut milk
2-3 egg yolks
1 tsp vanilla extract, or to taste.
honey to taste


Blend all ingredients together. I find this easier with a an immersion blender but either kind of blender would work. Taste and adjust flavors if needed.

Pour the mixture into either an ice cube tray or into one large flat pan, and place in the freezer. Let the mixture freeze mostly, then remove and blend again. If the mixture is only partially frozen, this should work with a blender. Add a little more coconut milk if you need more liquid when blending.

I prefer to freeze the ingredients ahead of time, so when I take the mixture out of the freezer it is frozen solid. I put the frozed misture into the food processor (broken up if one large pan was used), add about 1/4 cup of coconut milk, and pulse to soften.

If a milkshake is desired, just keep blending until desired consistency is reached.

Variation- frozen fruit such as strawberries can be added prior to the second blending to make a fruity ice cream.


  1. I'm made a similar one before without the eggs though. Unfortunately the only natural coconut milk I can find around here is Trader Joe's light coconut milk...Eggs would surely give more consistency and a better texture.

  2. I tried your recipe tonight and enjoyed it very much. Thank you!

  3. is it safe to use raw eggs and not cook them???

  4. Raw egg yolk is a part of the GAPS diet.



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