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Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Sorry if this grosses some of you out- it's an old time treat that has become one of my boys' favorite snacks.  It's so simple, and a great way to use more of our food and have less waste.  Between making these and broth with the bones, we pretty much use up the whole chicken these days. 

To make cracklins, simply heat fat or oil for frying in a large skillet and fry the skins on both sides until crispy.  I salt them as they are cooling down.  You can also shake on other seasoning if you like.  These are best eaten when still warm.


  1. Thank you so much for this! I love your blog and have been so thankful for so many of your recipes. I don't think this is gross at all and I am so excited to have something crunchy to offer my boys. They love them!! Its such a great way to get in more fat and let nothing go to waste. Thanks!!

  2. I made my first batch tonight (but I cooked the in the oven). My DH & DS loved them, wish I could get the DD to eat them too!

  3. These are out favorite! We call them chicken chips and everybody fights over them.



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