Following our trials and tribulations as we attempt to remove all grains, many starchy vegetables and most sugars from our diet while maintaining our love of good food! We strive to make all of our recipes GAPS and/or SCD compliant. Note: We didn't know about "Grain-Free Gourmet" when we chose our name. We are not affiliated with those good folks.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Crab salad

One of my personal survival strategies when doing a special diet is to remember how wonderful simple meals, using high quality ingredients, can be. Some of our recipes are very time consuming or require planing ahead, and it can be nice to have a few simple, elegant options for those nights when you just don't feel up to anything more complex.

To make this meal, which was a favorite of mine before this diet, I simply make a green salad with lettuce and tomatoes and dress it with a tangy vinaigrette dressing. I then place the shelled crab on top and it is just wonderful that way. This would go well with Teri's now famous onion torte (see earlier post), or some form of GAPS-bread made into garlic bread. I will update this post when I accomplish that! But then, since crab season is coming to an end, that may have to wait...

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