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Friday, March 27, 2009

Peanut Butter Pie

I made this for my son's birthday party a couple of weeks ago. It is a layered frozen pie, that tastes really decadent. It's reminiscent of fluffer-nutter sandwiches.

It was a big hit with the adult non-GAPS guests. My mom even asked me for the recipe. So here it is. (Hi, Mom!)


1 recipe pie crust
1 recipe marshmallow frosting
2 cups salted organic peanut butter, at room temperature, divided


Fold one cup peanut butter into at least two cups frosting. You can add more so that it appears light and fluffy and so it tastes good :) Spread in prepared and cooled pie crust. Place the whole lot into freezer until it is firm, at least four hours.

Spread second cup of peanut butter on the frozen first layer of your pie. Freeze again until second layer is firm. At least two hours.

Spread a thick layer of marshmallow frosting on top of the whole thing, until it's close to the top of your pie crust. Freeze again until serving time.

This does not freeze solid, so you won't need to bring it out too long before serving. I did take it out, then put it back in, because it was thawing out.


  1. This does sound wonderful! And looks very decadent, too. :)

  2. I made this for our Easter celebration. I started late at night and decided to eliminate the crust due to lack of time and energy. Instead, I put the "pie" into a lined loaf pan. I unwrapped the loaf, and sliced it into half-inch slices, just like bread. It had beautiful, wide, evenly-spaced layers and people were excited to try them all individually, and together in one bite. It was a wonderful dessert. I think I overcooked the honey just a bit - it got to hard crack stage. It was still very good, though - the pie had a mild flavor of toasted marshmallow, and was easy to slice right out of the freezer. One word of caution: I was trying to serve 6 adults and 4 kids, so I doubled the recipe (two loaf pans). The frosting expanded so quickly that the beater was completely buried, and one loaf served everyone with a slice leftover. It's rich and goes a long way, and the frosting recipe does make a large amount.

    -Tracy in Berkeley

  3. This is amazing! We made it for mother's day, and it tasted really, really good!



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